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EFEST Battery 18500

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Efest IMR 18500 - 1000mAh - 15A


Reliable IMR battery for vape mods

Powering up your vape mod is no joke, and the Efest IMR 18500 is the most seriously professional vaporizer battery in the business. This battery is crammed with 1000mAh capacity for a long lasting battery life, allowing you to have enjoyable, uninterrupted vape sessions. 15A discharge current will keep you puffing strong, weather you are a casual user or a big time cloud blower. Efest IMR batteries are made with the most stable chemistry available, and are ready to use without a PCB.

  • Chemistry: Li-MnO2
  • Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 15A
  • Terminal Type: Flat
  • Unprotected Cell

lithium-ion safety warning