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Mystica Essential Oil Vaporizer | 650mAh Battery

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Introducing the Mystica Variable Voltage Portable Vaporizer. This device is the perfect pairing for your Disposable Cartridges. Portable and discrete, the Mystica elegantly fits your cartridge with a magnetic threading.

The Mystica Vape Pen internal battery has been optimized to pair with most pre-filled cartridges currently on the market. If you have your own pre-filled cartridge, this device can be matched with most 510 threaded attachments that measure in less than 10.5mm in diameter. Simply remove the magnetic adapter from the box, thread it onto the base of your cartridge and drop it into the Mystica vaporizer housing unit.

To begin using the Mystica variable voltage device you will first need to power on the device by quickly pressing the power button five times. From there you can either begin the innovative pre-heat function by pressing the power button two more times or you can adjust the Mystica’s voltage level by pressing the power button three times. When changing the voltage level, the LED light will shine one of three colors to signify the output level. (Green 3.4V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.0V.)

3 Clicks of the fire button changes the voltage to customize your vaping experience. The light changes color based on the selection.

  • Green-3.4V
  • Blue 3.7V
  • Red 4.0V

This Device also has a PRE HEAT function, just click the fire button two times and it will pre heat your liquid for 15 seconds. This is great for cartridges with very thick liquid.

Note: You must screw the 510 magnet onto your cartridge for it to work!

Mystica Variable Voltage Portable Vaporizer Features & Specifications:

  • Variable Voltage
  • Option for 15 Second Preheat
  • Battery: Internal 650mAh
  • Delrin Drip Tip and Magnetic Connection on Atomizer
  • 360 degree leak proof design
  • Super Discrete and Portable
  • Quick Recharge

Package Contents

  • 10x Mystica Variable Voltage Portable Vaporizer Battery (10x Mystica Batteries)
  • 10x Usb Charger