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Reds Iced Guave E-liquid 60ml

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Reds Apple eJuice Guava Iced takes an already amazing beverage and chills it down to the right temperature with menthol. When it comes to the more exotic fruits, you shouldn’t have to go buy a blender and search the mazes that are high-end grocery stores. You aren’t looking to show off with your apple vape juice, so you shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the flavor. Save yourself all that hassle from the real thing and stick with vapor for the fun drink. Even if you don’t know what the green cannonball tastes like, the guava in this menthol vape juice will give just the kick you need to reenergize the classic beverage. With light hints of sweetness and a mysterious freshness, Reds definitely found the right fruit for this chilled apple e-juice.