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Strawberry Crush Ice - Twist Salt E-Liquids 30ml

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Do you need a bit of chill time as you sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage? Well, as vapers, it’s nice to be able to experience that feeling from time to time. So, to help achieve just that, grab Strawberry Crush Ice by Twist Salts E-liquids. The perfect way to quench those cravings and simply mellow out has arrived!

Ripe, sweet, and natural-tasting strawberries slams into your tongue. Next, that lemon’s zesty juices work their magic. A bit of sweetness then creeps in to put a smile on your face. Finally, chilly menthol places you in a state of vaping bliss once enough vapor begins to escape.

Feel rejuvenated in more ways than one with this e-juice by your side.